Nigredo is the first phase of Magnum Opus. It is the putrefaction stage in Alchemy, devoted to black and to the crow symbolism. Dark matter gives birth to the universe. From the darkness, the putrefaction starts sparkling and growing substances. From the inside to the outside, from concentration to explosion, from Mother Nature to newborn humanity. This performance is deeply connected to the next projects Albedo, Citrinitas and Rubedo. The constellation of these four performances creates Magnum Opus.

There is something dark behind all you know, you can feel it. There is an ancestral substance that you could name God, Shiva, Jupiter, whatever you want. You can feel it. When you walk barefoot, you can sense a clear support from the earth. If you lay down naked and you stay in contact with the ground, your senses start to vegetate. You melt into mud and roots. You become part of nature, like a leech seed. Then you wake up, opening your eyes. You are human, you can feel your legs and their possibility to walk away. What about all this humanity walking around the world? The earth is always under our feet. All that huge dark matter is mother and unkind at the same time. A dark fire burns inside that gigantic womb. You can feel it. Your legs could never run away from all that power. In meditation you have access of ancestor’s keys. There are a lot of rituals whispering from the underground. Dark flares, arcane sounds, hidden smells and unknown consistencies. You can feel that entanglement rolling over like a dragon, biting your cells and shining under your skin. Putrefaction is full of life, this is Nigredo.

© 2016 Nigredo. Performance by Damiano Fina (Magnum Opus serie). 5th March 2016, site specific. Brenta Natural Park, Padova. Photo by Felicity Zaccaria. Editing by Damiano Fina.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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