ME is the phase 2 of the performance project I am but I do not have myself  by the artist Damiano Fina.I guided two couples to experience their presence in a mutual experience based in nature. The mutual work consists in: listening and breathing practice, elemental bodies performance, spread skin experience and baptism. All the experience is recorded automatically from

Performance and Daily Life The avant-garde excites the history of the twentieth century art. RoseLee Goldberg connects the origins of Performance Art to Futurists, Constructivists, Dadaists and Surrealists experimentations. In the history of the twentieth century art the artist's body and action become the center of live art practice, articulating the actual performance vocabulary. The live connection between

We live the space, we distort it with our presence. The space has an effect on us, it acts against us and for us. Presence writing does not require our awareness, but we can sense it, play with it and create with it. I consciously started presence writing since 2004 with my personal meditation practice, caring about what is visible and what is invisible. Presence