Butoh Dancer and Queer Pedagogist

Damiano Fina is a butoh dancer and queer pedagogist based in Italy. Since 2004, his research has been influenced by Animism, ancient rituals in the Classical Greece, Dogen's Zen and Butoh Dance. In 2015 he founded FÜYA, a method focused on the body’s presences. His work explores the illusory contradiction between equilibrium and disequilibrium; in this field of research he has been introducing Queer Pedagogy. In 2018 he published the book “The Dance of Eros and Thanatos for a Queer Pedagogy”.


From Butoh Dance To Queer Pedagogy

Queer pedagogy is based on queer theory and butoh dance, merging philosophy and art practice during the research process. Butoh dance is founded on the ritual, which is considered as a magnificent experience of transformation. Subverting the rules and the conventions through the divination of chaos, the ritual establishes a new cosmos. This research finds in the ritual a breeding ground for a queer pedagogy. Queer pedagogy is intended to establish a connection between queer theory, pedagogy and art practice. The need of freedom of expression is the point of union between the activism of gender theories, butoh dance and queer pedagogy. Researchers involved into studies about “the expression” cannot retreat from addressing this issue. Hence the need for a queer pedagogy and philosophy is meant to take care of the society from its current violence.

La Danza di Eros e Thanatos per una Pedagogia Queer

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