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The dance of Eros and Thanatos

Danza Butoh

Damiano Fina Eros and Thanatos butoh dance




On November 15th, 2019 Damiano Fina presented for the first time on stage at the Teatro of Mantova the new ritual performance The dance of Eros and Thanatos.


In the face of the human organism's exposure to an environment that is not always conciliatory, indeed often hostile and threatening, the queer pedagogy workshop activity is a privileged opportunity to experience its expression within a guided and protected context. What is at stake is not only the human organism's freedom of expression, it is the possibility to lead a life worth living, without suffering the violence of a society that makes it unbearable because it does not conform to the norm. Today many lives are unlivable, the cases of suicide due to the intolerability of the life of the marginalised, of people who are assaulted and raped because they do not conform to the norm, are not far from our sight. There is a right to existence, a right to life, a right to the expression of one's own voice that is not possible in the contemporary world. With queer pedagogy, through the dance of Eros and Thanatos, the ritual becomes the perfect opportunity to connect the desire for transformation with a situation in which both the inner world and the social world are transformed and find a new order.
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