Damiano Fina

Damiano Fina is an Italian Artist, Butoh Dancer and Queer Pedagogist of Expression. His artistic research is about the spirituality and the rituality of the "Alchemical Body". Fina’s presence writing cares about the unity of visible and invisible experiences. His microcosm flows into FÜYA project: "The skin is a spread frame, all our organism is made for connection. Conflict is harmony at the same time in this relationship. Rhythm includes silence and sound, notes and noise, order and chaos, good and evil, masculine and feminine, life and death. This is my androgenic obsession. Performing this rhythm is presence writing”. Damiano Fina will release a serie of social actions starting from the Greek term “αἴσθησις” and the Vedas term “tapas”. The presence of the artist is the mutual core of his works constellation -and we are all artists-: “Art is worship of the universe. Our organs are always connected with the world, like tentacles. I want to light up the fact that we have to sense our nature. Stop this adolescent time that reveres dualism. Our heart is our brain, our hands are our stomach, our genitals are our posture and our medulla is a tree, a cloud, a street, a pixel or a cow too. There is no parthenogenesis without entirety”.

Wildflower Chant
Wildflower Chant
Damiano Fina | Butoh Dance and Queer Pedagogy