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I am but I do not have myself

Performance Art




We are made of all possible relationships we can experience. Our skin is connected and exposed to visible and invisible substances. All is about atom dance. We perform this entanglement everyday, everytime, everywhere. Even when we think we are alone. “Me” is “We” and vice versa. I am but I do not have myself is the documentation of these interstices. The materials of the research are human bodies, tools and environments. The focus on entanglement will be panic, one-to-one and in group. The research goes by direct experience, writing, dance, performance, photography and video. The project consists in three phases: ME, WE and MEWE. This work is not about identity or self-determination, this is not about community or interdependence, but it is about interstices between them. It is about entanglement of presences. I am but I do not have myself is the exorcism of the personal pronoun “I” and it is the connection to the personal pronoun “we”, without mentioning it. Between me and us there is nothing but experience, in which we are extensions and projections at the same time, hunters and preys of definitions. Without definitions we are present in transformation, always sharing visible and non visible presences. We are histories of touches, living different times and spaces, depending on the point of perspective. Our skin is not a private surface but a mutual core. Entanglement is about human and inhuman things. Air perspires through epidermis as well as feelings shine through eyes. Reality and imagination are linked to the same cosmos. There are no boundaries between what we sense, what they feel, what surrounds us and what it is supposed to be. Presence is about aware and unaware negotiations. I am but I do not have myself is dedicated to all those who love us, grow up with us and be near us. Special thanks to my amazing friends Letizia Carducci and Mariasole Toniolo. They have followed, curated and realized this work with me. We build our life together.


Phase 1: I am but I do not have myself - ME. I asked two close friends to take a picture of me, looking for the images they have on me. Phase 2: I am but I do not have myself - WE. I guided two couples to experience their presence in a mutual experience based in nature. Phase 3: I am but I do not have myself - MEWE. I guided a social action with more than 50 participants.
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