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Damiano Fina

ME is the phase 2 of the performance project I am but I do not have myself  by the artist Damiano Fina.

I guided two couples to experience their presence in a mutual experience based in nature. The mutual work consists in: listening and breathing practice, elemental bodies performance, spread skin experience and baptism. All the experience is recorded automatically from my point of view. After the physical experience, each person will write about the experience, all writings will be part of the documentation of the immaterial social action. At the end, each participant will receive the certificate of experience. Each experience is a point of view that creates the social action in the interstices between pics, writings and vibrations. Special thanks to participants: Laura, Letizia, Mariasole, Rosi.

Read about the phase 3 of the project MEWE.

© 2016 I am but I do not have myself. Phase 2: WE. Social action by Damiano Fina. 13th of February 2016. Brenta Natural Park, Padova. Photo by Damiano Fina.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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