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Damiano Fina

Three things that you cannot hide

Nature is the truth that we cannot reject, our natural behaviour is our real divorce. We depend on sun and moon cycle, we depend on vigil and rest loop, we depend on life and death circle, we depend on standing and laying down. Enlightenment starts when you feel the keenness of entanglement. There is an electric activity that is a mutual core between your neurons, the sun and the moon. We can call it “the truth”.

Our history is the sum of our days. Our days are the sum of our body experience into natural rhythm of vigil and rest. Everyday astral cycle is our body history, that permeates our skin and our organs with scars and wrinkles. The sun and the moon perform our body all day long, all night long. Are you night or day creature? Probably you do not know, but if you sense it you have the answer. The answer is the truth: the fact that you cannot hide your dependence of some kind of astral rhythm. Life and death are part of this universal music. You have fun, you work, you walk, you eat, you love, you are you, you are with your people, you have to be you. You are your history. You are your body. Your body has got the traces of everything you experienced and at the same time it is a living performance.

We are history of present touches, past landscapes and future dreams. The historical point of all this mess is the body itself. You always feel awake or sleepy, alive or dead, comfortable or awkward according to the experience of the surrounding worlds. You have to follow this rhythm, this is the truth. In all this experience there are at least two things from which you cannot escape: the sun and the moon. You cannot hide the astral cycles, your body cannot escape from this everyday history. So I performed a day light story, documenting it with my performing body. Performed hours: 10:00 “sun rays”, 12:00 “midday sun”, 13:00 “sunbeam growth”, 14:00 “dry out sun”, 16:00 “halfway light”, 17:00″turning red sun”, 18:00 “above the mountains sun”, 20:00 “sunset”, 22:00 “moonlight”, 24:00 “midnight moon”, 02:00 “moon dog”, 03:00 “moon reflection”, 04:00 “moonbeam echo”, 06:00 “sunrise”, 08:00 “enlightenment: the truth”.

© 2015 The sun, the moon, the truth. Performance by Damiano Fina, site specific. Brenta Natural Park, Padova. 27th July 2015. Photo by Felicity Zaccaria. Editing by Damiano Fina.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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