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Damiano Fina

The Living Art


I have created The Living Art project: 38 hours non-stop performance art exhibition. For me this experience is not just  about curating, but also performing. I have invited 24 artists to live a white space in Schio, Vicenza. This work of building relationships is my performance. The art exhibition is based on the concept No Boundaries: “Today we demolish the frontiers and we build up our garden’s hedges. We encourage the international mobility and we are upset when we have to host the refugees. Internet is our access to informations and we demand more privacy. The boundaries are ephemeral and thick at the same time. Contemporary Art -from the last century, especially from the Sixties, with Land Art and Performance Art avant-garde- took on the concept of boundaries several times. RoseLee Goldberg spoke about “Live Art”. The art is alive, so I propose a manifesto art exhibition without boundaries between artists, participants, time and space: The Living Art”. The art exhibition (8th-9th of October 2016) was moved up by a tour in Italy (Bologna, Venice, Vicenza and Turin).

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"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."

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