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Dancing is dancing with the body and the spirit. Body is spirit and spirit is body, there are no differences to me. That’s why I usually talk about “human organism”. Dancing is something spiritual to me. “Spirituality” means to me having a deep connection with this world and all the other possible worlds we could bump into. It involves all our organism and through dance it becomes expressive.

In my performative work spirituality is a vivid atmosphere. You can feel it. It’s something thin and ethereal. I think it involves many things but the most important element to me is the presence. All the elements in the space-time of the performance becomes spiritual if the atmosphere is focused on the presences involved (the performer, the audience, the envi- ronment, the imaginations, the emotions, the objects etc.). My artistic research involves the presences and the link in between you can and cannot see, touch, hear, taste, imagine or feel. Rituality is all that matter to me in performance.

If something is not spiritual, it is just physical exercise. Rituality is so important to me because it is healing. Through sacredness we can give a non violent message, we can give relief, we can pray for the sake of mutuality (and not involving just human beings into all of this!). People usually tell me after my performances or workshops to feel better as a whole. I feel better every time I can dance too. This is a matter of skin, blood and bones. It’s in our DNA.

I wrote a book about the importance of transformative experiences, we can feel it remembering when we were young and we used to play becoming imaginary creatures, princesses or tractors. Metamorphosis it’s not just for fun or entertainment, it’s part of our evolution. If you want to support my artistic research you can choose from four different donations programs. All the founding from donations will be used to produce new artistic projects and performances. The supporters will receive a gift from the artist and a detail of how their donation supported his art research. Thank you very much.

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