Wildflower Chant

Butoh Performance




There is a choreography into all those tiny things that we usually take for granted. Even when we do not see any movement, even in a raw wildflower. This performance is about giving voice to our deep ritual roots. Worship is our way to reconnect to the universe. In this violent society, full of dualisms and categories that build boundaries, I do not care about words like man and woman, earth or sky, north or south. Devotion is a way of thinking beyond our bones and our skin. I see in my dreams a baby shaking shells and bones in its hands. Dreaming about flying wales, holding its breath sometimes like an old crow, sometimes like a young monkey. It was dancing to the abyss the wildflower chant.


Shells and bones in its hands. Watching flying wales. Wildflower chant. To the abyss.