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The Presage of The Phoenix

Butoh Performance




The Presage of The Phoenix had its debut at the Teatro Civico di Schio the 6th October 2017. Butoh choreography by Damiano Fina and music by Giuseppe Dal Bianco. 4 acts for a 90 minutes performance about the ancient myth of the phoenix. The alchemical fire bird dying and resurrecting again and again from its ashes. Dance and music summoned a ritual about transformation, immortality and the fierce energies of nature. The first public rehearsal of this performance was released the 2nd July 2016 at Loggia del Capitaniato, a palazzo in Vicenza, northern Italy, designed by Andrea Palladio in 1565 and built between 1571 and 1572, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Titles from the local press: "Butoh, the Forbidden Dance for our Presage"; "Butoh Mystic by Fina and Holy Sounds by Dal Bianco"; "The Metamorphosis of the Phoenix in Fina's Butoh Dance and Dal Bianco's music".


"Art is worship of the universe. Dancing, we have access to our deepest dimension. Maybe through dancing we can heal our violent world. Today we must talk about hospitality, empathy and tenderness. We have to be strong in this. The death and rebirth of the phoenix give to us a message of strength and compassion. This is The Presage of The Phoenix." DF

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