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FÜYA Requiem

Danza Butoh

Damiano Fina Requiem butoh dance ritual




On February 20th, 2020 Damiano Fina presented for the first time on stage at the Teatro San Marco in Vicenza the new ritual show with choreography butoh "FÜYA Requiem". 163 people attended the performance.

After his trip to Japan, during which the choreographer Damiano Fina met the founder of butoh dance Yoshito Ohno and embarked on a solitary journey in the ancient devotional path Kumano Kodo, the artist presents a new performance to which he gives his artistic name FÜYA Requiem. The choreography is the essence of an artistic journey that began in 2004 and culminated in the trip to Japan in 2018.

Requiem is a performance dedicated to "Grace", a word full of spiritual meanings and central to the artist's research, who in 2015 founded the FÜYA method, based on the non-duality of existence.

Just as in the Japanese art of ikebana beauty and harmony are sought between balance and imbalance, in the refined compositional research between elements poised between proportion and disproportion, in the philosophy of the flower, which captures in itself prosperity and transience (wabi-sabi in Japanese), the butoh dance performance FÜYA Requiem stages the human body poised between life and death.

“We owe a cock to Asclepius" affirms the subtitle of the performance that enchants the public for 45 minutes evoking evocative quotations of our art history, from Greek statuary to the famous light of Caravaggio's paintings. An international project that blends Japanese tradition with the aesthetics of Italian art history. A mix that distinguishes the works of Damiano Fina, both on stage and in his books, able to bring art back to its spiritual origin.


«At the turn of the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries, the Viennese Secession declaimed a return of the arts to the sacred. VER SACRUM. Today, if we look at Klimt, we pay more attention to the decorative style rather than to its message. The same happens when we look at a Greek statues or a painting by Caravaggio. Yet, between one selfie and the next at the museum, someone is still enchanted. You can see them with a lost look, kidnapped in another dimension. It is in that state of ecstasy that Requiem looks. We must return to pray through the arts.» DF

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