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Damiano Fina

MEWE is the phase 3 of the performance project I am but I do not have myself  by the artist Damiano Fina.

I have you. You have me. We are part of the community we gaze. We are part of the community that is watching us. Where begins your skin? Where ends their skin? Communion is a rhythm bound to the universal cycles. If you wrote “me” and “we”, you would appreciate their specular similitude. A similar effect is visible in Italian: “io-noi”. Today we have the possibility to watch ourselves from the inside and from the outside. Technology and virtual communities give us access to ourselves from a different point of view. We are used to portray ourselves and to record our moments with pics, selfies and status updates. We are used to fill blank spaces with our informations. We have a CV and we tend to describe ourselves and the others. We tell, listen and retell plenty of stories since Pleistocene. We try to have ourselves, it is an endless exchange with the others, in order to confirm our existence. We are, but we do not have ourselves.

Thank you very much to the more than 50 participants that have performed MEWE in Marostica. Step by step we try to have ourselves, together.

Read about the entire project I am but I do not have myself.

© 2016 I am but I do not have myself. Phase 3: MEWE. Social action and collective performance by Damiano Fina. Riserve Urbane, Marostica (VI). 21st of July 2016. Photo by Paolo Meneghini.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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