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Damiano Fina

ME is the phase 1 of the performance project I am but I do not have myself  by the artist Damiano Fina.

The energy of long-lasting friendship creates a special link between friends. When you look into the eyes of your close friend, times and spaces are shared at the same time. The reflection in their eyes is the reflection of your actions in the world you have experienced together for many years. The imagine of me is made by their eyes, shooting me. A pic is a shot to the presence, it is about the camera as well as about the photographer.  Two close friends of mine took 12 pics of me, looking for the image they have on me and my essence from our long-lasting experience. The final imagine marks the interstices between me, them, the world and our mutual cores.

I have developed 12 acrylic blocks. The final installation was exhibited for the first time during the collective art exhibition Artefatto It’s Me in Trieste, May 2016.

Read about the phase 2 of the project WE.

© 2016 I am but I do not have myself. Phase 1: ME. Social action by Damiano Fina. Installation of 12 acrylic blocks. 6th Februrary 2016. Photo by Letizia Carducci and Mariasole Toniolo. Editing by Damiano Fina. Exhibition: Artefatto It’s Me, Trieste, May-June 2016.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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