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foto di Damiano Fina viaggio in Giappone

In Sapporo I worked with my friend and photographer Genki Kitai to this photographic and butoh dance project. All the pictures were taken by analog photography and then scanned for a digital copy.

The shooting was realized at Moerenuma Park, a huge architectonic garden by the architect Isamo Noguchi. It was a windy day. Enjoy our pictures.

“Le vent se lève! Il faut tenter de vivre! L’air immense ouvre et referme mon livre, La vague en poudre ose jaillir des rocs! Envolez-vous, pages tout éblouies! Rompez, vagues! Rompez d’eaux réjouies Ce toit tranquille où picoraient des focs!” Paul Valéry, Le Cimetiére Marin

Genki also photographed my performance Poison Moon at the Hokkaido Butoh Festival 2018.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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