The Alchemical Body


When you have contact with the earthworms, you leave your skin’s boundaries and you open up to the universal communion. There is a matter that we cannot see, but we can sense it. The universal rhythm is here and it has always existed. I wish one day we will stop calling everything with the right name and we will just sense it, changing and flaring with us. With our presence we write what is all around us. The environment has an effect on us as well. A circle is a line, a human is a rock too. The sun and the moon, wake and rest or life and death are the evidence of the universal rhythm. We frequently want to see, to read, to understand, to interpret, to like or to hate everything we bump into. There is no right word but the one that will correct itself again and again. Without any points, existence is about entanglements. This is FÜYA’s message, written inside our body-soul-environment and in our everyday experiences, like digestion and breathing. All is experience and the experience is unitary, even in our imagination or in the so called “virtual worlds”. “Why making art?” “What is art?” are prehistory like Duchamp’s fountain signed “R.Mutt 1917”. We are performances – not only with our works or jobs, but also in our everyday presence – and we are part of the mattering of the world. We have to admire, challenge and play with our organism and our neural plasticity, connected with all around us – nearby and faraway – and always exposed to the environments and entangled within the universe and its iterative becoming. All is rhythm: rest and vigil, hunger and fullness, youth and senility. FÜYA is part of this rhythm, keenness of entanglement. It is time to flare, we are more than creatures under our skin. All my research is about the presence writing of the alchemical body. We live the space, we distort it with our presence. The space has an effect on us, it acts against us and for us. There are no boundaries or spaces in between: all is entanglement. Presence writing does not require only our awareness; we have also to sense it, play with it and create with it. Presence writing cares about the unity of visible and invisible experiences. What does not exist is important and what exists is important as well. Presence writing is an enjoyed and suffered -felt and sensed- performance, it is an energy waste without purpose but aesthetic experience within the entangled performativity of the universe. We are part of the performances that set the conditions of the possibility and impossibility of mattering. We are part of the performances that enact what matters and what is excluded from mattering. In this rhythm we have no special position: we are part of a not-merely-human universe. Presence writing is this disclosure. We are relevant and irrelevant at the same time. Presence and presences, invisible and visible materials, mindful and instinctive experiences are the cornerstones of our existence as well as of my performances. All bodies come to matter through the world’s performativity. In this way, I perform my devotion to the universe, let’s dance!

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