FÜYA Method: dance and alchemy

by Damiano Fina

When the sky was full of stars, the human organism was made up of stories and rhythms around the fire. Those days are still in our memories. The study of the body led me to create a methodology that studied the strength of our connection with our ancestors. I divided the dance of the human organism into four bodies and equilibrium centers, that I use as a guide for my pedagogical method: physical body, emotional body, spiritual body, remote body. The free play of these four bodies is represented by the alchemical body, able to unite distinctions, harmonies and disharmonies and to transform the whole into something greater than the sum of its parts. These are the foundations of the FÜYA method, a kinesthetic, theoretical and poetic approach that aims to educate the body to the importance of transformation and spirituality through the dance of the alchemical body.

FÜYA Method

For a pedagogy of expression

Once upon a time there was dancing around the fire. Humans, after the hunt, prayed to the universe in this way. It was a necessary rite for those creatures, who felt they had to somehow pay nature a debt, that of having freed themselves from the condition of prey.

Killing through hunting was still something dark, which certainly involved something that ceased to be visible. Here was born the kingdom of the invisible, a place teeming with presences with which one dialogued through the ritual. Becoming a predator, the human being built his jaws and claws with spears and arrows.

Inclined to the mimesis (imitative ability) of the self and the other by himself, the human being had modified his nature into something dynamic, in constant transformation. The human being was a predator and a prey. But doing as if it were the other -human or animal- had also given him a share in what he killed. Hence the need for the ritual. From here would be born the dance.

On this reflection I wrote a book, called The Dance of Eros and Thanatos and you can order it comfortably on Amazon.

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