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FÜYA Method: dance and alchemy

by Damiano Fina

When the sky was full of stars, the human organism was made of stories and rhythms around the fire. Those days are still in our memories. The study of the body led me to create a methodology that studied the strength of our connection with the origins of dance. FÜYA is a pedagogical approach to dance and alchemy, which aims to bring the human creature back to the awareness of its roots, to restore its balance with the world.

Dance and Alchemy

Go back to the beginning, around the fire.

The days of hunting and dancing around the fire are still in our cells, along with ancient worldviews. Alchemy was not born as a science for its own sake, as we know it today, but it bloomed from the conquest of matter through fire and guarded the initiatory secret that unites humanity with heaven.

In ``Dance and Alchemy`` Damiano Fina takes dance back to its origins to illuminate its future, without neglecting the history of performance at the turn of the 20th and 21th centuries. According to the author, today it is necessary to bring the performing arts back to the sacred and ritual.

``There is an immeasurable distance between those who participate in the sacred ritual and those who, instead, enjoy as an aesthete the beauty or horror of scenery, music, dance and opera. Not only is it fundamental to bring the performance back to its ritual origins, but it is also necessary to look for a way to restore the relationship with the sacred in contemporary society, which has desacralized its festivities, its rites of passage and its relationship with the universe``.

In order to restore this link between the sacred and the profane, art must take an interest in pedagogy. Thus the FÜYA method was born, because dance and performance are educational.

I have written a book on this reflection, it is called Dance and Alchemy FÜYA Method and you can order it comfortably on Amazon in Italian version. The English version will released by the end of 2020.

A reason to dance

Watch the video speech by Damiano Fina (ENG subs).
Damiano Fina Danza e Alchimia

The dance opens up the invisible.

It's a vulnerable hunt.

FÜYA Method

Rediscover the sacred in dance.

FÜYA is a kinesthetic, philosophical and poetic method based on the theory of the four bodies and body balances, which educates dance to the connection with the transformation and sacredness of existence through the development of the alchemical body.

The FÜYA method is preparatory to developing body posture, the origin and quality of movement, choreographic inspiration and the very reason for one's dance. Its aim is to stimulate students' reflection through the development of a historical memory and philosophical awareness of dance and performance.

In dance everything can be faced. It is in our DNA since our birth and restores the umbilical cord that was broken with the domestication of humanity. Going back to its origins, dance is no longer anthropocentric, it is no longer self-referential, but brings the human being back to have a place in the universe.

As well as inviting attention to the use of the body and gesture, the FÜYA method invites students to build a historical memory and philosophical awareness necessary to rethink the role of dance and the arts in the 21st century. Without a historical and philosophical perspective and awareness of performance, it is not possible to consciously orient oneself in artistic research.

The FÜYA method was born and developed thanks to the dance courses that Damiano Fina regularly leads, thanks to the journeys he has undertaken to share his research through performances, workshops and meetings, thanks to his studies and constant research, thanks to the meditation he met in 2004 and, of course, thanks to dance.

Read the book

From dance to ritual.
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