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Damiano Fina talks about his FÜYA project and the role dance plays in today’s society. In this interview the artist tells his reason for dancing:

“I think we have dance in our society. Because we need to reencounter the sacred and return to our essence. This is the message of FÜYA.”

English subtitles in the video!

Let’s ask ourselves where the dance was born, when the dance was born.

The dance was born when we were monkeys who descended and evolved slowly to become predators. We think at this moment: the human being, after the hunt. It would gather around the fire, start telling stories. It began to need to express devotion to the universe. And it saw that the things it was killing were disappearing. It began to make sense of these things and populate an invisible world.

A world you couldn’t see. This devotion was expressed through the sound of drums and through dance. Dance was born in this way. It was born as a profound need of the human being to connect with something much greater than itself. Something in which he found comfort. The comfort of the sacred and also the sense of anguish, mysticism, terror and fear connected with the sacred. This is the dance.


Back to the sacred, with dancing.

I believe that today we need dance because we need to reunite the sacred. We need to return to our essence. We need to feel a connection with something that gives us meaning, that gives us a place, that tells us why it is important for us to have taking care of our environment. Because it is important for us to take care, for example, of the pollution of climate change.


Rediscovering beauty, even in imperfections.

We need to “get into things.” We need to discover the beauty of things and beauty is not just something related to our “canon of beauty” like the perfect, sculpted body of a ballet dancer. We can also find beauty in imperfections. In this Japanese philosophy helps us a lot. We can find beauty in the crippling of some things, in the transience of things.

We think about how beautiful are the colors of autumn, how majestic are the trees even when they have lost their leaves. To come back to wonder at all this… That’s one of the reasons why dancing today is worthwhile.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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