Füya Butoh

Dancing the Entanglement

Dancing the Entanglement

For me butoh dance is the dance of the entanglement. Füya Butoh is based on my research about the alchemical body, FÜYA method, butoh dance and quantum physics.

During the most intimate butoh dance sessions, performance or workshops, you enter into a dimension that is called in Japanese "Ma" 間. It is a "space in between", a space or, moreover, a state of expansion of the organism that moves itself in the entanglement of all the worlds, without judgement, where everything is constantly in transformation and no dualities occur.

For Kazuo Ohno, when the butoh-ka falls down, it does not tumble on the floor, but in another world. Butoh dance opens up new dimensions in which space and time flow in a different way.

These trips into diffractive worlds are possible thanks to the ritual atmosphere of butoh dance, during which all the differences between ugly and beauty, masculine and feminine, human being and nature are abolished. Butoh dance is about metamorphosis and transformation.

Füya butoh evokes the importance of connecting with the ritual dimension in which all is entangled in the materialization of the world. Dancing the transformation of the existence gives expression to the continuum of the existence itself.

When you dance, your skin shines!

Since our ancestors, the human being began dancing around fires. It enjoyed the universal rhythm through its movement, praying to the stars.

These days are in our DNA. Let's discover them again through the FÜYA method.

I guide workshops for beginners and performers.