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The Alchemical Dance

Dance workshop with Damiano Fina.

A precious path to harmonize the organism through the technique of body balances.

Discover the secrets of alchemy through dance and the FÜYA method.

Technical information

The course is weekly, an hour and a half for each session and takes place regularly throughout the year.

Damiano Fina also organizes dance workshops in nature and in the studio during the weekends. Check the calendar to find out the next dates.

Advanced dance course: every Tuesday, from 8:15 pm to 9:45 pm.

Dance course to start: every Thursday, from 8:15 pm to 9:45 pm.

Where: Ass. Ukigumo – Stradella delle Barche, 9 – 36100 Vicenza (VI)

You can register at any time and request a free trial lesson.

Please use the contact form below for more information.

Workshop description

The dance workshop The Alchemical Dance proposes itself as an activity of physical-spiritual experimentation and as an opportunity to deepen the dance through the research of Damiano Fina.

The activity is open to all those who wish to undertake a path of deepening of their organism through the practice of movement and the technique of body balances according to the FÜYA method. There are no technical bases of dance and there are no age limits.

The FÜYA method is preparatory to the development of body posture, the origin and quality of movement, choreographic inspiration and the very reason for one’s dance. Its aim is to stimulate students’ reflection through the development of a historical memory and philosophical awareness of dance and performance. Read the book.

Introduction to the workshop

FÜYA butoh

The Alchemical Dance is the title of the research that Damiano Fina proposes for his course, during which participants will have the opportunity to deepen the culture of alchemical dance from the Greek-Latin tradition to Japan. Besides being a dancer and having performed in Japan and in the main European capitals (London, Paris, Berlin), Damiano Fina is a writer and has published the books “Dance and Alchemy” and “The Dance of Eros and Thanatos”, also translated into English. With this path, the artist proposes an experience of rebellion from the schemes and preconceptions of contemporary society, to be lived through the “discipline” of dance, in the light of the mysticism and mythology of the alchemical tradition.

The FÜYA method is influenced by the rituals and mysticism of Classical Greece, Japanese Zen, Butoh dance and performance art. FÜYA is a kinesthetic, philosophical and poetic method based on the theory of the four bodies and body balances, which educates dance to the connection with the transformation and sacredness of existence through the development of the alchemical body.

Find out more about Damiano Fina.

scuola di danza butoh metodo FÜYA

FÜYA butoh advanced workshop

This course is reserved for students who have already participated in a FÜYA dance course. Program 2020-2021:

  • September: Hermes
  • October: Aphrodite
  • November: Dionysius
  • December: Ares
  • January: Zeus
  • February: Chronos
  • March: Poseidon
  • April: Hades
  • May: Diana
  • June: Apollo
  • July: Hecate

FÜYA butoh workshop for beginners

This course is open to all those who want to undertake a research path through dance. Program 2020-2021:

  • September: Mirabilia
  • October: The Great Raven
  • November: The Singing of the Swan
  • December: The Presage of the Phoenix
  • January: Nigredo
  • February: Albedo
  • March: Citrinitas
  • April: Rubedo
  • May: Lapis et Spiritus Mercurialis
  • June: Ignotum per ignotius, obscurum per obscurius
  • July: Alchemical Body

A reason to dance

Watch the video interview with Damiano Fina

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