Damiano Fina dances in the forest of Cansiglio

2018. Damiano Fina performing the forest of Cansiglio. Photo by Flavio Conforti.

Spring butoh workshop between Italian hills

10th - 11th - 12th May 2019

When: 10th 11th 12th May 2019.

Where: Altopiano del Tretto, Schio (VI), Italy – A beautiful green hilly region (700m).

Methodology: Füya Butoh, Queer Pedagogy. Total Amount of dancing hours: 18.

Conductor: Damiano Fina www.damianofina.it/en

Assistant: Mirco Ferrazzi

Nature guide: Marco Adriani

Special guests: live music

Language: English and Italian

Butoh Workshop Short Description

Three days intensive butoh practice in a beautiful green hilly region (700m) in Italy. The workshop will be guided in nature and in studio. We will alternate dance, meditation and walk. “Dancing The Entanglement” is based on the artistic research by Damiano Fina about Füya Butoh and Queer Pedagogy, that involves butoh dance, queer theory, quantum physics and aesthetics. This workshop is for performers or for person who has a spiritual training back-ground, please attach a motivation. If you have no training back-ground you can participate contacting us with a motivation letter.

"Dancing The Entanglement" programme:

10th May Friday

13:00-14:00 Registration

14:30-19:30 First Practice

20:00 Dinner and Free Time

11th May Saturday

8:00-9:00 Breakfast

9:30-12:00 Second Practice

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:30-18:30 Third Practice

19:00-20:00 Dinner

21:00-22:00 Fire Practice

12th May Sunday

8:00-9:00 Breakfast

9:30-12:00 Fourth Practice

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:30-18:00 Performances

"Dancing The Entanglement": the inspiration.

We are part of the performances that set the conditions of the possibility and impossibility of mattering. We are part of the performances that enact what matters and what is excluded from mattering. This is quantum physics and butoh dance at the same time. In this rhythm we have no special position: we are part of a not-merely-human universe. We are relevant and irrelevant at the same time. Being, acting and thinking queerly is this disclosure. All bodies come to matter through the world’s performativity. All bodies emerge from entanglement. Let’s dance existence together!

About Damiano Fina

Damiano Fina is a performing artist based in Italy. Since 2004, his research has been influenced by Animism, ancient rituals in the Classical Greece, Dogen’s Zen, Butoh Dance and Quantum Physics. In 2015 he founded FÜYA, a method focused on the body’s presences and entanglements. His work explores the illusory contradiction between equilibrium and disequilibrium. He performed in London in the art exhibition “I am NOT tino sehgal” curated by Francesco Bonami, at the Hokkaido Butoh Festival in Sapporo, Japan, at the En Chair Et En Son Festival in Paris and in many art exhibitions and festivals in Italy. He holds a Master De- gree in Pedagogy of Expression, he studied butoh dance with Atsushi Takenouchi and he met Yoshito Ohno, Kazuo Ohno’s son. In 2017 he connected Queer Theory and Butoh Dance in Queer Pedagogy, publishing the book "The dance of Eros and Thanatos for a Queer Pedagogy”. Since 2017 he has been studying the entanglement between Quantum Physics, Queer Theory, Butoh Dance and FÜYA method.

Location, Accommodation and Food during the butoh workshop

At Agriturismo Il Maggiociondolo, Contrà Proveste n.1, S. Rocco di Tretto, Schio (Vicenza), Italy. You can arrive by car or by train + bus. Please contact us for further informations. Accommodation in double room and food are arranged by Il Maggiociondolo (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Food will be prepared using local food, vegetarian meals are available on request. Please fill the contact form for detailed informations. Have a look of the location on Google Virtual Tour. Guarda il Virtual Tour su Google della struttura.

2016. Damiano Fina performing a fire dance. Photo by Flavio Conforti.

Damiano Fina performing butoh dance

2017. Damiano Fina performing the forest of Cansiglio. Photo by Flavio Conforti.


  • √ Fill the contact form, you will receive the dossier of the workshop with the instructions for registration and payment. Contact form is just for informations, it is not registration form.
  • √ If you want to participate, read the program, fill the registration form and complete the payment. You can pay the entire fee or at least the 50%. We will keep your place reserved only when your payment is completed and received by email with the registration form. Please consider that fees are not reimbursable.
  • √ You will receive a notification of the correct admission to the workshop.

You can register now: the sooner you book, the less you pay.

The fee covers butoh dance workshop, accommodation and food.

Special Winter Booking (by 31th January): € 280.00

Early booking (1st February – 31th March): € 320.00

Normal booking (1st April – 9th May): € 360.00

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