Revolt of the Flesh

Butoh dance workshop with Damiano Fina.


Place: Vicenza, Ass. Ukigumo.

Time: Every Monday 20:15-21:45.

One hour and a half sessions once a week.


“Revolt of the Flesh” is a butoh dance workshop for a physical-spiritual experience through this dance born in Japan at the end of the Fifties. The workshop is open to all those who wish to dive into a journey within their organism and entangled presences. No technical dance basics are required and there are no age limits.


Revolt of the flesh is the title of one of the first and most famous performances in butoh history. Presented in 1968 by Tastumi Hijikata, founder of the butoh cultural movement, this performance establishes the spiritual and at the same time irreverent ancestry of this dance, invoking the need for a revolution of the human body and soul. Damiano Fina proposes a path of rebellion from the patterns and preconceptions of contemporary society to be lived through the “discipline” of dance.


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