The difficulty of finding an expression in their environment still leads many human organisms in the impossibility to tolerate their lives, being not able to embrace them. The need of freedom of expression is the point of union between the activism of gender theories, butoh dance and queer pedagogy. The need for a queer pedagogy and philosophy is

One of the ways in which the body expresses itself is sexuality. Performing Queerly is a radical choice in the methodology of dancing and practicing dance. Performing Queerly means to reject a priori distinctions and boundaries about sex, gender and gender expression. Dancing for the freedom of expression For Maurice Merleau-Ponty[1] sexuality is one of the ways through which the

Queer Pedagogy: connecting with the ritual dimension of our existenceThrough art practice we can connect with the ritual dimension of our existence, overcoming the dichotomies and experiencing metamorphosis.In this dimension, the human being is ready to change its skin, assuming the role of someone or something else (even villains, members of other species or imaginary creatures).Art is a

Abstract: Queer Activism, Performance and Pedagogy What is the relationship between queer activism and butoh performance? I am introducing queer pedagogy, a methodology based on queer theory and butoh dance, merging philosophy and art practice during the research process. The purpose of this project is to establish the methodological foundations for a pedagogy that assumes the task of letting out

Queer pedagogy is intended to establish a connection between queer theory, pedagogy and art practice. Many human organisms cannot tolerate their lives. Finding an expression in our society is these cases is too difficult. The need of freedom of expression is the point of union between the activism of gender theories, butoh dance and queer pedagogy. Researchers involved

Performing Queerly The body and the performance are peculiar times and spaces in which we can play with transformations and we can share negotiations. This is Queer Claim. A serie of projects about transforming peculiarities. Queer Claim is a project of research and performance. A book titled The dance of Eros and Thanatos for a Queer Pedagogy is coming soon in

FÜYA artbook n°002. November 2016.This artbook is the official art catalog by Damiano Fina of 2016. This is the collection of six performance projects. The six performances are: I am but I do not have myself, I am NOT tino sehgal but I have him, The Presage, You Must Be Talented, Nigredo.

The Living Art ConceptI have created The Living Art project: 38 hours non-stop performance art exhibition. For me this experience is not just  about curating, but also performing. I have invited 24 artists to live a white space in Schio, Vicenza. This work of building relationships is my performance. The art exhibition is based on the concept No Boundaries: "Today we demolish

6 perfomers, 6 books, 6 hours of perfomance. Each person writes on the book the name of Tino Sehgal for one hour. Take over every hour, for 6 hours. You are but you do not have yourself. I have thee. In my eyes, in my opinion, under my touch, in my expectation. We are made of interstices between us. I am not Tino

Danza Butoh alla Loggia del Capitaniato di Vicenza C’era un tempo in cui musica e danza scioglievano i confini tra reale e immaginario, tra umano e divino, tra presente e futuro. The Presage ricostruisce questa dimensione trascendentale in un’azione dal vivo. Il maestro Giuseppe Dal Bianco, appassionato di fiati e di strumenti etnici, dialoga con il performer Damiano Fina, che

Describe yourself. Show me your skills. Send me your CV. Fill all these blank spaces. Are you ready for your next job interview? You have to be aware of yourself. Find out why you are special. What are your qualifications? You must have experience. What do you do in your free time? Describe your ambitions. Your worst failure

Nigredo is the first phase of Magnum Opus. It is the putrefaction stage in Alchemy, devoted to black and to the crow symbolism. Dark matter gives birth to the universe. From the darkness, the putrefaction starts sparkling and growing substances. From the inside

ME is the phase 2 of the performance project I am but I do not have myself  by the artist Damiano Fina.I guided two couples to experience their presence in a mutual experience based in nature. The mutual work consists in: listening and breathing practice, elemental bodies performance, spread skin experience and baptism. All the experience is recorded automatically from

ME is the phase 1 of the performance project I am but I do not have myself  by the artist Damiano Fina.The energy of long-lasting friendship creates a special link between friends. When you look into the eyes of your close friend, times and spaces are shared at the same time. The reflection in their eyes is the reflection

Presence is a common ground. We are made of all possible relationships we can experience. Our skin is connected and exposed to visible and invisible substances. All is about atom dance. We perform this entanglement everyday, everytime, everywhere. Even when we think we are alone. “Me” is “We” and vice versa. I am but I do not have

Performance and Daily Life The avant-garde excites the history of the twentieth century art. RoseLee Goldberg connects the origins of Performance Art to Futurists, Constructivists, Dadaists and Surrealists experimentations. In the history of the twentieth century art the artist's body and action become the center of live art practice, articulating the actual performance vocabulary. The live connection between

What does purity mean to you? Linked to purity there are many prohibitions. White flowers are the manifestation of purity, but even white flowers are ambiguous. How many flowers bloom in our stomach everyday? The holy and the profane are open questions.© 2015 Purity. Performance by Damiano Fina. Video, photo and editing by Damiano Fina.

FÜYA artbook n°001. September 2015.All the actions put together in this artbook prove what I felt, my aspirations, my inspirations, and my research in this part of 2015. From Prima Vera to Bones of Bones I can feel the rhythm of four seasons, I can sense both life and death. This entangled rhythm is all that matters to

A little suggestion from Alice's Advendures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll:''' The Caterpillar and Alice looked at each other for some time in silence: at last the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth, and addressed her in a languid, sleepy

Three things that you cannot hide Nature is the truth that we cannot reject, our natural behaviour is our real divorce. We depend on sun and moon cycle, we depend on vigil and rest loop, we depend on life and death circle, we depend on standing and laying down. Enlightenment starts when you feel the keenness of

Fire + Water. Nature blasts archaic energies with fireflies dance. How exquisite, how magnificent, how compassionate. Photosemen is a travel in the night energies with the light of an incandescent torch and the fluency of water all-over. The performance digs up the natural energies of human being through motion and empathy. Ecstasy. Fuoco e acqua sono il legame ancestrale che

Karma is a vibrant, infinite thread. We roll it up and we unroll it constantly. Existence is in our hands. We can feel it with our senses. The nails of our demons could be butterfly wings or tiger jaws. We are buried in this skein. When something inside erupts and all around us is gilded, we scream an intense emotion. This

Concept Beyond your bones, beyond our bones, there is our magnetic core. Essence. Breathing is an affair of the air as truly as of the lungs and of our feet; digesting an affair of food as truly as of tissues of stomach and of our solar plexus. Seeing involves light just as certainly as it does the eye,

We live the space, we distort it with our presence. The space has an effect on us, it acts against us and for us. Presence writing does not require our awareness, but we can sense it, play with it and create with it. I consciously started presence writing since 2004 with my personal meditation practice, caring about what is visible and what is invisible. Presence