Damiano Fina

Butoh Dancer


Damiano Fina is a performing artist based in Italy. Since 2004, his research has been influenced by Animism, ancient rituals in the Classical Greece, Dogen’s Zen, Butoh Dance and Quantum Physics. In 2015 he founded FÜYA, a method focused on the body’s presences and entanglements. His work explores the illusory contradiction between equilibrium and disequilibrium. He performed in London in the art exhibition “I am NOT tino sehgal” curated by Francesco Bonami, at the Hokkaido Butoh Festival in Sapporo, Japan, at the En Chair Et En Son Festival in Paris and in many art exhibitions and festivals in Italy. He holds a Master De- gree in Pedagogy of Expression, he studied butoh dance with Atsushi Takenouchi and he met Yoshito Ohno, Kazuo Ohno’s son. In 2017 he connected Queer Theory and Butoh Dance in Queer Pedagogy, publishing the book “The dance of Eros and Thanatos for a Queer Pedagogy”. Since 2017 he has been studying the entanglement between Quantum Physics, Queer Theory, Butoh Dance and FÜYA method.

Selected moments:

He performs at the Hokkaido Butoh Festival, Sapporo, Japan and at the Paris Butoh Festival.
He publishes the book "La Danza di Eros e Thanatos per una Pedagogia Queer".
He stages at the Civic Theater of Schio "The Presage of The Phoenix", a 90 minutes performance about the myth of the phoenix.
He gaines a Master's Degree in Pedagogy of the Expression.
He performs in London at the art exhibition curated by Francesco Bonami "I am NOT tino sehgal".
He presents in Marostica the social action "I am but I do no have myself" with more than 50 citizens during an emotional ritual.
He founds FÜYA, a method based on the five bodies (physical, emotional, spiritual, remote and alchemical).



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