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Damiano Fina

We live the space, we distort it with our presence. The space has an effect on us, it acts against us and for us. Presence writing does not require our awareness, but we can sense it, play with it and create with it. I consciously started presence writing since 2004 with my personal meditation practice, caring about what is visible and what is invisible. Presence and presences are the cornerstones of my work. The drawings by Oskar Schlemmer (Figure and Space Delineation and Egocentric Space Delineation, 1924) and the performances and seminars by Joseph Beuys and Marina Abramovic are unlimited source of inspiration. Art is an enjoyed or suffered -felt and sensed- form of work, it is an energy waste without purpose but aesthetic experience. Art -and pleasure or repugnance into experience- makes human organism the measure of its existence. In 1960, Asger Jorn wrote: “for humanity, time is nothing but a succession of phenomena from a point of observation in space, while space is the order of the co-existence of phenomena in time or process. Time is the change that is only conceivable in the form of a progressive movement in space, while space is the solid that is only conceivable in its participation in a movement” (The End of the Economy and the Realization of Art). Space-time is our testing ground. Into space-time we can give presence to us and to all possible worlds, we can sense presences and play with them. Art is creation of presences and connections in space-time. Art is not a matter of artists, audience makes art too, we are all artists in aesthetic experience. Presence writing is this disclosure.

"Sensing vertebra by vertebra. Art is a vulnerable hunt."


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