What does purity mean to you? Linked to purity there are many prohibitions. White flowers are the manifestation of purity, but even white flowers are ambiguous. How many flowers bloom in our stomach everyday? The holy and the profane are open questions.© 2015 Purity. Performance by Damiano Fina. Video, photo and editing by Damiano Fina.

A little suggestion from Alice's Advendures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll:''' The Caterpillar and Alice looked at each other for some time in silence: at last the Caterpillar took the hookah out of its mouth, and addressed her in a languid, sleepy

Three things that you cannot hide Nature is the truth that we cannot reject, our natural behaviour is our real divorce. We depend on sun and moon cycle, we depend on vigil and rest loop, we depend on life and death circle, we depend on standing and laying down. Enlightenment starts when you feel the keenness of

Fire + Water. Nature blasts archaic energies with fireflies dance. How exquisite, how magnificent, how compassionate. Photosemen is a travel in the night energies with the light of an incandescent torch and the fluency of water all-over. The performance digs up the natural energies of human being through motion and empathy. Ecstasy. Fuoco e acqua sono il legame ancestrale che

Karma is a vibrant, infinite thread. We roll it up and we unroll it constantly. Existence is in our hands. We can feel it with our senses. The nails of our demons could be butterfly wings or tiger jaws. We are buried in this skein. When something inside erupts and all around us is gilded, we scream an intense emotion. This

Concept Beyond your bones, beyond our bones, there is our magnetic core. Essence. Breathing is an affair of the air as truly as of the lungs and of our feet; digesting an affair of food as truly as of tissues of stomach and of our solar plexus. Seeing involves light just as certainly as it does the eye,