FÜYA artbook n°001. September 2015.All the actions put together in this artbook prove what I felt, my aspirations, my inspirations, and my research in this part of 2015. From Prima Vera to Bones of Bones I can feel the rhythm of four seasons, I can sense both life and death. This entangled rhythm is all that matters to

Fire + Water. Nature blasts archaic energies with fireflies dance. How exquisite, how magnificent, how compassionate. Photosemen is a travel in the night energies with the light of an incandescent torch and the fluency of water all-over. The performance digs up the natural energies of human being through motion and empathy. Ecstasy. Fuoco e acqua sono il legame ancestrale che

The jump. Ethics and design of storytelling experiences. Telling stories is a natural affection of human being, that we develop from childhood untill death. Imagination is the jump of our human nature, beyond our everyday experience. The term “storytelling” is frequently used in economics in order to indentify a particular marketing area, that is not only careful to

l'anoressia sociale Nel tempo lavorativo, nel tempo libero, nel tempo degli affetti viviamo pochi, scarni gesti. Una stretta di mano, un abbraccio, un bacio, la nostra camminata e la nostra postura rivelano le costole di rituali denutriti. Questa è l'anoressia emotiva del nostro tempo. Sotto la pelle sottile di questi automatici movimenti si vedono le ossa della